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Below are the most frequently asked questions about donating to Thunderbird.

I want to donate by wire transfer. What is your IBAN number?

We are now able to accept donations in Euros through Single European Payment Area (SEPA) transfer, and British Pounds through BACS transfer.

If your bank requests our physical address, it is 331 E. Evelyn Ave, Mountain View, CA 94041 USA.


Account Currency: Euro (EUR)
Receiving Bank (Pay to): Standard Chartered Bank
City & Country/Region: Frankfurt, Germany
Beneficiary Name (For credit to): SVB-Mozilla Foundation
IBAN: DE67512305000500136802
Memo field: Thunderbird

British Pound Sterling:

Account Currency: British Pound Sterling (GBP)
Receiving Bank (Pay to): National Westminster Bank
City & Country/Region: London, United Kingdom
Bank Sort Code: 60-00-04
Account Number (8 digits): 10017496
Beneficiary Name (For credit to): SVB RE Mozilla Foundation
Memo field: Thunderbird

IBAN: GB77NWBK60000410017496

Why do you need my address in order to process a donation?

We understand that your privacy is very important. We ask for a minimum amount of information required to process credit card donations, including billing addresses. This allows our payment processor to verify your identity, process your payment, and prevent fraudulent charges to your credit card. We keep your information private — if you have questions, please refer to our Privacy Policy. If you would rather not fill in your information on our online donation form, you can mail us a check.

Where do I send a check? (Updated November 2019)

Please send a check with a separate note marked “Thunderbird”, and payable (payee) to “Mozilla Foundation”

Mozilla Foundation attn: Thunderbird Donor Care
2 Harrison Street, #175
San Francisco CA 94105

If required by your bank, add receiver phone number (650) 903-0800.

Can I donate bitcoin?

We are not currently accepting bitcoin.

How can I turn off the donation appeal on the Thunderbird start page?

The start page appeal to donate can’t currently be turned off. If you like, you can change the start page to something else. To do this, in Thunderbird go to Options | General

How will my donation be used?

We’re the leading open source cross-platform email and calendaring client, free for business and personal use. Your donation will help ensure it stays that way, and will support future development.

Doesn’t Thunderbird earn income?

Thunderbird is maintained by the Thunderbird Community, in cooperation with Mozilla Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation. Thunderbird derives almost no revenue from search and other non-donor sources. Thunderbird relies heavily on the generous donations of users and friends of Thunderbird.

Who donates to Thunderbird?

Anyone can donate, companies and individuals, to Thunderbird to protect the product now and in the future.

Does my donation give me access to tech support?

Anyone can access tech support for Thunderbird by visiting the support forum. Thunderbird does not provide tech support or enhanced tech support in exchange for donation.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Contributions go to the Mozilla Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization based in Mountain View, California, to be used in its discretion for its charitable purposes. They are tax-deductible in the U.S. to the fullest extent permitted by law. The Mozilla Foundation Tax ID is 20-0097189.

For donors outside of the United States, please consult with your tax adviser about whether your donation is tax deductible.

In the case of some substantial gifts, we may be required to report names and addresses to the IRS. Mozilla is required by law to report this information for its substantial donors and for cash equivalent in-kind gifts, like stocks and bitcoin, over $5,000.

How do I cancel or change my recurring donation?

If you used PayPal to set up a recurring donation, you’ll need to log in to your PayPal account to make changes or to cancel. If you made a monthly donation using your credit card, please send an email to Mozilla’s donations support team at Please include the email address and name you used to make your donation and they’ll try to help you within two business days.

Who can I email directly with questions about donating?

If you have a question about donating to Thunderbird, please contact us at We will do our best to follow-up with you as soon as we can. If you need technical support, please head over to Thunderbird Support for assistance.